How it works...

Fresh Effects Cutaway

1. Multi-Position Mounting

Trane FreshEffects™ can be mounted in conditioned or unconditioned spaces, in virtually any position.

2. High Efficiency Crossflow Energy
Transfer Core

Efficiently transfers heat and moisture to precondition fresh outdoor air for enhanced indoor comfort. Provides up to 84% apparent sensible effectiveness and 59% total recovery efficiency.

3. Slide-Out Filter

A durable 1" polyester filter that's easily accessed for cleaning and Maintenance.

4. Duct Collars

Insulated flex or insulated metal duct can be quickly attached to duct collars.

5. High-Performance Fan Motor

Permanently lubricated to minimize maintenance and extend the motor's life.

6. Percent Timer Control

Meets desired minimum ventilation needs. Ships with unit as a standard feature.

Innovative Passive Defrost System

No recirculation dampers or electric heat required to ventilation in virtually any climate.